Asbestos Management Survey

Asbestos Management Survey

Asbestos used to be a favoured insulating material until its harmful effects were discovered. It has since been banned from the construction of buildings but it is still present in countless existing structures. The safety of the premises can be assessed through an Asbestos Management Survey. This is the most basic type of survey for this hazardous material. It is often commissioned for commercial buildings to ensure that people within are not at risk of harm during normal occupancy.

Important Reminders about asbestos management survey 

  1. Buildings which were constructed before 2000 could contain asbestos. It would be prudent to conduct the survey just to be on the safe side and verify the situation.
  2. There should be no worries during normal conditions where asbestos is intact. The substance will only pose a threat to people if the solid panels are disturbed and its small fibres float into the air. Once these get into the lungs, they can start to damage the respiratory system.
  3. Since it would not be prudent to disturb the asbestos in these old buildings, the focus has shifted into the prevention of exposure to asbestos fibres. The goal is to protect the occupants from illness which could be debilitating or even fatal.
  4. The law requires all buildings used for non-domestic purposes to have an asbestos survey report. Professional teams will check the whole structure as much as possible to identify where the substance is located and what the current state is. Updates should be provided on a regular basis.
  5. Owners of a commercial building are responsible for its management. If they neglect their duty to manage the situation, then they can be held liable for any asbestos exposure and resulting adverse health conditions. This could lead to jail time, massive fines, and other damages.

About Asbestos Management Surveys

In the interest of an exhaustive survey, the team will be conductive some intrusive work that might cause a bit of disturbance. This can be scheduled at a convenient time to limit the effects on the occupants of the building. There is no set template on how this will proceed as things will largely depend on the situation at the property.

The findings will be documented in a report. This will contain the exact locations of any asbestos found in the site. Their current conditions will also be described in detail. Given all of these data, they will be able to formulate a risk assessment that can guide owners in managing the property. They will evaluated the possibility that fibres will be released into the air following a disturbance.

Choosing a Survey Provider

Remember that an asbestos management survey covers routine and basic maintenance. If more extensive repairs are being planned, then it would be better to conduct a pre-refurbishment asbestos survey. Make sure that you choose a firm that is recognised by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. They must have testing laboratories with excellent capabilities for bulk sample analysis. Check their experience and reputation in the industry as well.

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