Asbestos Reports

Asbestos Report

According to the National Cancer Institute, asbestos causes all manner of cancers including lung, kidney, esophageal, ovarian, and laryngeal cancers among others. Almost all cases of Mesothelioma are because of asbestos.

Your Building Should be Asbestos Free

You need to make sure that your building is asbestos free. If you think your building has asbestos, you should take the necessary steps to remove the asbestos.

You will first need an asbestos survey that will produce an asbestos report that will create an asbestos risk register for removing asbestos from your building.

The 4 Steps of Asbestos Removal

  • Step 1: Asbestos survey
  • Step 2: Asbestos survey creates asbestos report
  • Step 3: Asbestos report creates an asbestos risk register
  • Step 4: Asbestos risk register facilitates the removal of asbestos from your building

Asbestos is Common in Buildings

That is because of the superior properties of asbestos fibers including durability and strength. Thus, they form different types of building materials ranging from insulation, acoustical texture products, asbestos cement pipe, tiles, roofing, among others.

All Non-Residential Buildings Need an Asbestos Register

That is according to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. If you non-residential building does not have an asbestos register, you will pay a fine.

Therefore, you need to hire a service provider who will carry out an asbestos survey that will end up with the creation of an asbestos report that will form the basis of the asbestos risk register.

Asbestos Survey Will Identify Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)

It is hard for you to carry out an asbestos survey on your own. You need professional assistance.

Professionals will identify areas in your house that have asbestos. Floor tiles and even toilet cisterns among many other areas can have asbestos.

What Will the Asbestos Report Show?

It will show the following:

  1. The type of asbestos that asbestos containing materials (ACMs)have.
  2. Where ACMS are located
  3. The state of ACMs

Qualities of a Good Asbestos Report

It is easy to understand a good asbestos report. It is in plain English. Anyone can read it. CEOs, as well as the average individuals, can understand it.

A good report is simple and informative. It does not have jargon but it has comprehensive information. A confusing report will not help.

The Asbestos Report Will Have Detailed Site Description

The asbestos survey will examine the internal and external areas of a building. Subsequently, the report will show samples and their results.

The Report will also Show the Summary of Asbestos Incidence

The report will classify the various ACMs. Classification is done according to the type of material such insulation board, vinyl floor, bitumen, and insulation.

Finally, the Asbestos Report Will Have a Recommendation Section

This is the most important part of an asbestos report. It indicates the risk score of each ACM.

The three types of recommendations are removal, encapsulation, and management. A licensed asbestos contractor must deal with removal. Encapsulation should happen if the material is in poor condition while a low-risk ACM simply needs management.

The Bottom-Line

Asbestos is a dangerous element and it is present are in most buildings. That is why an asbestos survey is necessary. This exercise will produce an asbestos report.

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