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Here at Asbestos Kent Specialists, we are accredited to handle all survey types, asbestos testing, management, refurbishment, demolition, and asbestos inspections. 


Do you have an asbestos problem on your property?

  • The Legal Implications Involved
  • Other Types of Asbestos Surveys
  • Doing The Right Thing
  • Testing and mitigation or removal

Asbestos is rarely at the forefront of the homeowner’s mind, but it should be if you are planning any kind of demolition or refurbishment on your property.

  • What is an asbestos demolition survey?
  • Why are they necessary?
  • I recently had a management asbestos survey. Is that the same thing?
  • Can I conduct an asbestos demolition survey myself?
Asbestos Demolition Survey
Asbestos Management Survey

The safety of the premises can be assessed through an Asbestos Management Survey

  • Important Reminders
  • About Asbestos Management Surveys
  • The findings will be documented in a report.
  • Choosing a Survey Provider

The 4 Steps of Asbestos Removal

  • Step 1: Asbestos survey
  • Step 2: Asbestos survey creates asbestos report
  • Step 3: Asbestos report creates an asbestos risk register
  • Step 4: Asbestos risk register facilitates the removal of asbestos from your building
Asbestos Report

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