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Do you have an asbestos problem on your property?

Whatever your answer may be under the circumstances, you are unlikely to be a recognized expert on the subject. Even if you are an expert, an opinion is not the same as the accumulation of actual data to back up your belief. It may even be possible that you do not have an asbestos problem, even though you think that you might.

The Legal Implications Involved

Such considerations are not simply academic questions any longer. Property owners have a legal responsibility to nail down a positive determination one way or the other, or at least to make a good faith effort to find out (in certain residential settings). Given that undiscovered asbestos can lead to major legal complications in the event of an accident or a pending sale of the property, it is truly best to find out for certain as soon as reasonably possible.

Poking your head up into the attic doesn’t count, either. You need a proper asbestos survey performed by a licensed, trained, and reputable firm. It also needs to be kept in mind that there is not just one single type of asbestos survey.

Of course, if one elects to order a standard asbestos management survey, that will cover everything from a legal standpoint and, so far as possible, also detects everything that can be found without basically tearing the structure down. The purpose of this type of affordable survey is to find out what the building contains so that the owner can thereafter craft a way of mitigating the hazard.

Other Types of Asbestos Surveys

When it comes time to actually remodel or demolish a building, something more specific and invasive is required. A remodeling or demolition survey is called for in these circumstances. Here, a much more dedicated examination is in order. Simply put, most asbestos is not a huge menace unless it is disturbed.

There are exceptions, of course, but the real problems arise when one starts mucking around in the stuff and disturbing its repose. In these situations, the dangers can mount up rapidly, and it is important to be absolutely certain whether asbestos is present or not in the area that is about to be attacked.

A final type of asbestos survey is that of the simple asbestos sample, which is more along the lines of an air sample to detect the presence of loose asbestos in the area. What this survey does is establish whether or not you need to be alarmed about the condition of your surroundings. The presence and degree of asbestos revealed by the sample will tell you if you need to explore further avenues of testing and mitigation or removal.

Doing The Right Thing

Yet all of this starts by engaging a professional asbestos surveyor who can examine your property in a competent and safe manner. Only then can you insulate yourself and your business affairs from any legal or health surprises. Not only are basic asbestos surveys relatively inexpensive but they are, in certain cases, either mandatory or strongly suggested as a very good idea.

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